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Avaya One-X Portal

The Avaya One-X portal provides a graphical user interface which empowers every user of Avaya IP Office with communication tools enabling efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

Whether the Avaya IP Office user is in the office or travelling, the same set of tools are available to them via using their preferred device. Avaya IP Office One-X is simple & intuitive to use and provides instant access to other IP Office users and Avaya IP Office Unified Communication features.

  • Call Control – Click to Call and Control including Hold, Park & Conference
  • Call History – Incoming, Outgoing and Missed Calls
  • Phone Book – System, LDAP, Outlook contacts
  • Voicemail – Playback and Message Setup
  • Settings – User Profile Settings, including Call Forward, Mobile Twinning
  • Instant Messaging – Communicate Instantly with other IP Office Users including Mobile Users
  • Hunt Group Monitoring – View Active Calls to a Support Line for Example and set alerts
  • Presence and Geo Location – Status of other Users and Map location of Mobile Users
  • Conference – Ad-Hoc or Scheduled Conference Bridge for up to 512 Participants
  • Web Collaboration – Ad-hoc or Scheduled Web Collaboration for IP Office Users and Customers

Avaya IP Office SoftConsole

IP Office SoftConsole is an application intended for receptionists and operators who answer and distribute calls. It provides a range of call controls through the user’s computer, including park, hold, transfer, conference.

It also allows the receptionist to see the status of other users and to adjust some basic telephony settings of other users such as forwarding numbers, setting or un-setting Do Not Disturb, etc. From IP Office v9.1 Avaya Softconsole is now supported across Avaya SCN so a central receptionist can manage calls for multiple locations.


Microsoft Lync Integration

The Avaya IP Office Microsoft Lync Integration provides telephony capabilities for Lync via IP Office. The application works with Lync Server-side (on-premise) or Office 365 (hosted) versions. Microsoft standard CAL licenses are sufficient to enable the plugin to operator in ‘Phone Mode’. The Lync plugin is available with all One-X User profiles.


  • Make & Receive Calls via the Lync Interface
  • Hold, Un-hold, Disconnect, Transfer and Conference Calling
  • Presence Updating – updates Lync when the Avaya IP Office Extension is in use

Outlook Plugin

The Avaya IP Office Outlook Plugin provides a full suite of One-X applications to the user interface. Easy to install and use the Outlook plugin is included for all One-X users.

Why use Outlook Plugin?

Embeds a subset of one-X Portal functionality into Microsoft Outlook
Included with Office Worker, Tele Worker or Power User
Improved productivity through more effective collaboration with the delivery of IP Office UC functionality direct to Outlook
Better customer service through improved first time query resolution with Federated Presence (with Google), click-to-call and voicemail management in Outlook

  • Call History – All, In, Out and Missed calls
  • IM Chat – Instant messaging to other One-X Users on desktop or mobile devices.
  • Click to Call Contacts in Outlook
  • Incoming Call Notifications with options to Accept or Reject
  • Voicemail Integration
  • Sound and Desktop Notifications for IM and Calls

Salesforce Plugin

The Avaya Salesforce Plugin enables business user to have telephony call control direct from the web portal. The plugin allows a user to easily dial contacts and receive inbound calls whilst providing instant access to the information relating to that call.

The integration allows developers to easily add an extra level of client reporting to the existing client’s file.