Voice Conference Solutions

Avaya IP Office comes with an in-built audio conference bridge as standard, enabling businesses to eliminate the cost of out-sourced conference calls.

  • Dial-in Prompts and PIN Codes
  • Conference Call Recording
  • Ad-Hoc & Scheduled Conference Calls
  • 2 x 64 Party Conference Calls as standard
  • 256 Party Conference Bridge for Avaya for Avaya Server Edition
  • 512 Party Conference Bridge for Avaya IP Office Select Edition

Extra Conference Functionality with Avaya One-X Application Server

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Conference Control.
Automated Email with dial in details for external users.
Automated Email report of conference callers.
Participant Control Interface using Avaya One-X Client Applications.
Easy upgrade to Avaya Web Collaboration or Avaya Video Conferencing.