The Avaya IP Office platform can be scaled from 5-300 users across 150 sites, allowing you, your colleagues and your clients to easily connect, communicate and collaborate from any location.

  • Voice, Video, Web, Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions
  • Effortless, Intuitive and Efficiency for end-users and administrators
  • Increase Productivity and Presence with Mobile, Web, Tablet and Desktop Applications
  • Redundancy, Failover and Secure Communications on a robust reliable platform
  • Contact Centre for Voice, Web, Email, SMS and Fax Communications
  • Scalable across single and multiple locations including remote workers and mobile users
  • Advanced Customer Integration Services from Avaya, Avaya Devconnect and Procom.

Over time, the requirements of your business will change. The flexible Avaya IP Office is effortless to expand, with additional features being added with ease. The platform will grow and transform alongside your company, making it the perfect choice for start-ups and new businesses looking for an effective commercial telephone system.

Similarly, if your established business is looking to engage with your customers on a deeper level and embrace new technologies, the Avaya IP Office will bring your company into the current day.

Empower your office workers with a full suite of Avaya IP Office applications to increase their productivity and contact and collaborate with other Avaya IP Office users. These beneficial applications can be used through:


  • Web applications
  • Desktop computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets


Avaya IP Office Telephony solutions

Avaya IP Office IP500v2
Avaya IP Office Select
Avaya IP Office Server Edition
Multi-Site Solutions
Redundancy and Failover Solutions

Avaya IP Office IP500v2

The Avaya IP Office IP500v2 is a hardware appliance, hosting Avaya IP Office Platform, which can accommodate a mixture of interfaces, including ISDN, Analogue, Digital & IP connections. The IP500v2 can be used as a standalone PBX, part of a Multi-site Avaya Network or as a gateway to an Avaya Server Edition.

The IP500v2 supports up to 1000 users across a 32 site network, 240 lines and 40 voicemail concurrent call ports. Modules and interface cards can be easily added to the IP500v2 chassis which expand the functionality of the platform making it easily expandable and able to cater for the growing requirements and demands of most company profiles.

Avaya IP Office Select

IP Office Select includes all the features of Server Edition plus enterprise-grade functionality. It is targeted at large mid-market customers (1000-2500 users) with more sophisticated communications requirements.

It combines enterprise-class scalability, resiliency and security, as well as the simplicity, flexibility and value of the IP Office Platform.

  • 2500 Users Across 150 Sites
  • Up to 500 Voicemail Ports with Dual Voicemail
  • LDAP/Active Directory Synchronisation
  • Software and Hardware Resiliency
  • Server or Virtual Environments

Avaya IP Office Server Edition

Avaya Server Edition is a software appliance providing Avaya IP Office Platform, which can be implemented on dedicated or virtualised servers. The Avaya Server Edition can be used as a standalone PBX platform supporting IP telephony only, part of a multi-site network, or in conjunction with IP500v2 hardware appliances to provide hybrid IP telephony.

Server Edition software includes One-x portal, Voicemail Pro, Contact Recorder and other Avaya applications which can be installed on the same infrastructure, lowering the cost of setup and consolidating the telephony platform.

Server Edition supports up to 2000 users on a single site or across 32 locations.

Multi-Site Solutions

Many businesses are spread across a number of offices, each with the same communication requirements.

To ensure high levels of productivity and customer service are maintained, Avaya SCN enables up to 32 IP Office telephone systems to be networked together, enabling workers to seamlessly collaborate and communicate between disparate office locations.

Key Features

  • Distributed Hunt Groups across the Avaya Network
  • Remote Hot Desking – login to your extension at any location
  • Presence status and corporate directory shared between sites
  • Centralised resource and remote system management

Redundancy and Failover Solutions

Avaya Networked IP Office telephone systems offer an advanced layer of functionality with regard to failover and redundancy. A network SCN IP Office can act as a fallback IP Office should the primary site fail or become unresponsive.

IP phones automatically reroute to the backup site for business communication continuity. have designed and implemented redundant solutions using Avaya SCN Networking, VoIP call routing and VMWare High Availability & VMotiion.


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