WebRTC Gateway

The Avaya WebRTC Gateway incorporates Real-Time Communications into the IP Office Platform. With support for WebRTC Voice and soon video, Avaya WebRTC Gateway is now offered as part of its portfolio solution.

procom-avaya-002With over 1.5 billion WebRTC users across 3.9 billion WebRTC enabled devices predicted by the end of 2016, WebRTC allows any user to communicate with another WebRTC user using just a browser. With no software to install and cross-platform support, WebRTC is quickly becoming a widely used and incorporated technology particularly in the call centre markets.

The Avaya WebRTC Gateway acts as a MCU (WebRTC Media Control Unit) where browser initiated calls (voice and video) are relayed and connected to the Avaya IP Office Platform. An inbound call via WebRTC can be controlled as a normal incoming phone call but also has extra layers of functionality and information.

This can include client details, IP address, cookie information, page visits, etc, all of which can be presented to the agent answering the call. WebRTC empowers an Avaya IP Office platform with the level of functionality and caller information not available through any other communication resource. Effective use of WebRTC calls lower agent transaction times (reasons for call are based on webpage visits/clicks/links), improve response times and increase sales orders.
From a callers perspective WebRTC provides an instant easy method of connecting to the correct person via the company website ensuring efficient focused customer support as needed.

Avaya WebRTC Gateway currently supports voice and on the roadmap is video support. Procom.ie is working extensively with many different WebRTC projects and have developed bespoke CRM integration solutions for its clients.